Gastronight a great idea

Here's a great initiative for our cuisine and very close to us.

Within the framework of activities of the Latin American Gastronomic Capital of Culture, the City Hall and Provincial intend to undertake an initiative to revitalize the cuisine launching the first Gastronight in City of Córdoba 12 to the 14 September.


Second week of courtyards

Well, no time to take stock of the first weekend courtyards, we are in full celebration of the second week is a priori even stronger than the first, and of course putting all the enthusiasm in the world. Córdoba whole enjoy our yards, and of course our neighborhood Alcázar Viejo It is the epicenter of this event.

For those who do not know, during these two weeks of May, Cordoba opens its visitors the front door of their neighbors to enter their yards and contemplate, inviting anyone who happens to enjoy the finest spring, to enjoy for free with their yards, to recreate with each flower, with each pot. Encouraged to discover the song of a canary in the tranquility of a neighborhood courtyard Axerquía or guess the end of a well of a stately courtyard of San Pedro neighborhood.

Patios de Córdoba 2014 Patios de Córdoba 2014

From San Lorenzo San Basilio east to the west, from the north by Santa Marina to the south in the district of Santiago Cardinal Gonzalez or we can find a huge range of architectural styles that house another large set of floral species and making a total of 55 distributed courtyards 6 areas, all this without other 10 yards out of competition.


The Bullfighting Museum reopens its doors


Remodeled completely in their contents and integrity restored in the historic building that houses, the Bullfighting Museum of Cordoba opens its doors to the public 1 April 2014 (free access throughout the month of April 2014).

Hours Bullfighting Museum of Cordoba:
Monday: 8:30 – 20:00 h.
Tuesday to Friday: 8:30 – 20:45 h.
Saturdays: 8:30 – 16:30 h.
Domingos y festivos: 8:30 – 14:30 h.

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Easter 2014

cordoba_inamorag 2014Holy Week in Cordoba


Cordova Easter is a religious and cultural event of the Passion conmema, Death and Resurrection of Christ.

The streets of this ancient city hosting the passage of Guilds, giving the viewer a wide range of feelings of spirituality, recollection, history and spectacle. Definitely offers a rich mix of emotions and the pungent smell of incense and feelings blossom, illuminated by the dim light of candles carried by the Nazarenes or arranged in steps candelerías, with best exornos of the coolest and flowers on a momumental and historical environment unmatched. The religious atmosphere is clear and an ideal setting for reflection and coexistence.

Currently there are a total of Córdoba 36 Guilds, some with centuries of history, relizan stations that their penance through the streets of the city and a large number of them gain entry into the Holy Church Cathedral (Ancient Mosque)

Holy Week in Cordoba, cleverly combines silence and recollection with solemnity and celebration. The passage of processions framed in the historic center of Cordoba, Heritage, especially prominent making it one of the most important in Andalusia.

Among the most revered images stands out for its uniqueness Lady of Sorrows, masterpiece of the sculptor Juan de Mesa; Our Lady of the Incarnation, Spain first step taken only by women bearers or Christ of Medicine Souls Easter Monday, one of the most representative city processions.

Although in reality Easter Córdoba is lived intensely throughout Lent. In this period of Vespers lot of big events always associated with Easter occurring, Cults, pregones, Via Crucis. the big day of the eve we can concentrate on Dolores Friday (Friday preceding Palm Sunday) day that focuses wealth ceremonial events which are the entrance porch to the great days.


Dates 2014: 13 to the 20 April

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